Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't, on Jasmine Guy, James Woods, and Stephen King

Mail from our readers

Watching the latest episode of A Different World reminds me of the depth, thought, and power the show has been able to display while still remaining funny. Thank you for your cover story recognizing the switch A Different World has made from a once worthless, stupid TV sitcom to a funny show that can still deal with real life.
Phil Ross

I am a senior at Spelman College in Atlanta, and A Different World has been my favorite show since it went on the air my freshman year. Not only does it encompass the black-college experience, it approaches universal issues in a truly unique way. Thank you, Entertainment Weekly and Mark Harris, for acknowledging this show and everyone who has helped to make it great. It has been a vital part of my college life, and it’s taken ”edutainment” to a new level for American television.
Gretchen Satcher

I was disgusted by the childishness of Jasmine Guy in the contents-page photo of her with her talented costars Cree Summer and Charnele Brown. I bet that she wanted to be ”hear no evil” so as not to cover up her ”beautiful” eyes or her ”perky” mouth, but then to sit in the middle (the saying goes ”hear, see, speak no evil”) was doubly petty! Get with it, girl — A Different World is not a one-woman show!
Cathy Thoma
Columbus, Ohio

Thank you for the article on James Woods. I became a big fan of his after seeing Best Seller. I think I’ve seen everything he’s been in. Yes, Woods is intense, and what’s more, he’s the most believable actor I’ve ever seen. He doesn’t just act the part, he is the part. Woods could play Saddam Hussein or Santa Claus with equal justice and ease.
Anita Bloomfield
Vanceburg, Ky.

About the story on the National Endowment for the Arts’ funding of the new movie Poison: The American Family Association, the Christian Coalition, and the Christian Life Commission are, once again, using God and traditional values as a pulpit from which to spread bigotry, intolerance, and misinformation. These hypocrites should realize that hatred isn’t holy and fringe groups don’t have the right to say how our taxes are spent.
Jeffrey Reddick
New York City

I don’t see any confusion at all in your ”Muscle Shuffle” chart. Jean Claude Van Damme is clearly the most talented martial arts star and, in the looks department, he makes all the others look sick.
Linda Millsape
Maryville, Tenn.

Thank you! I’ve been waiting a long time for a juicy article about the sexy hunk actor Wings Hauser! I had the pleasure of meeting him in San Francisco in 1982. I recognized him from The Young and the Restless and couldn’t believe I was meeting him! He’ll never know how much I appreciated his kindness. What a nice guy he is (regardless of how scary he is on-screen)!
Cindi LaCombe
Santa Maria, Calif.

As a B-movie-video junkie, I was excited to read the article on Wings Hauser. Hauser is an underrated actor who really gives life to sleazy villains.
Mark Simpson
Emmetsburg, Iowa

I crowed with delight after reading Stephen King’s letter to your magazine. Not that I’m glad he blasted you. I’m just glad he laid into the critics. I learned long ago to disregard them. The majority of films they applaud put me to sleep. Critics are only individuals stating their own personal, and often jaundiced, opinions.
Regenia Marracino
Lewisville, Ark.

I ‘d like to send a message to every critic at your magazine: I like all your reviews. As far as Stephen King’s letter goes: Misery is a Stephen King movie. He wrote the story. And his little rant about black actors and Spike Lee is just as silly. Lighten up, Mr. King. Did it never occur to you that maybe some of the “critical press” don’t like Mr. Lee’s films because they just don’t like them, not because Spike is black?
Brian Murphy
Tampa, Fla.

I enjoyed your ”Muscle Shuffle” chart, but you forgot four other major martial arts movie superstars: the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Here they are, categorized as you did with the others:
The Turtles: Raf, Don, Mic, Leo
Latest Movie: Secret of the Ooze
Martial Arts Training: Master Splinter; each specializes in a different weapon
Birthdate: All about 15 years old
Accent: New York Valley-Dude
Fashion Statement: Bandannas
Gimmicks: Moonwalking; Pizza-slicing; Skateboarding; Cowabunga!
D.L. Douaire
Albuquerque, N.M.