New version of ''The Last Picture Show'' out on laserdisc -- We take a look at the additions with director Peter Bogdanovich

Director Peter Bogdanovich has put together a new version of The Last Picture Show, scheduled to be released in June on laser videodisc only, with seven minutes of previously unseen footage. ”I’ve wanted to redo it since the day it came out,” Bogdanovich told us. ”The new version is a better picture.” Among the additions:

* Sonny asks Ruth Popper on the way to the clinic: ”Is it something serious?” Popper replies: ”No, just something dreary.”
* After Sam’s death, Sonny drives by the fishing tanks and cries.
* Jacy and friends rent a motel room for her tryst with Duane.
* Abilene seduces Jacy in the pool hall, with shots of Jacy holding onto pool table pockets for a better grip.
* Jacy confesses to Sonny that she regrets breaking up with Duane.
* On an alternate soundtrack, Cybill Shepherd, Randy Quaid, Cloris Leachman, and Bogdanovich talk about the making of Picture Show.

That’s all well and good, but, gee, The Last Picture Show was already a great movie. Texasville, on the other hand, could use some work. If the director ever tinkers with his sequel for a videodisc release, here are some changes we’d recommend:

* Sonny stops mooning around the ruined movie theater and opens a video store with Ruth Popper.
* Duane and Karla’s nasty twins get a Chucky doll for Christmas.
* Lester Marlow’s long-lost brother, Fester (played by Randy Quaid’s brother Dennis), shows up.
* Duane loses weight, straightens up, flies right. Jacy loses interest.
* Agent Dale Cooper is sent down from Twin Peaks to investigate mysterious Bob sightings at the centennial rodeo celebration.
* On an alternate soundtrack, Mike the Dog (who plays Shorty) talks about the making of Texasville.

The Last Picture Show
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