Nancy Reagan by the numbers -- Statistics quoted in Kitty Kelley's biography of the former First Lady

Some stats from Kelley’s 603-page book:
* Number of unnamed sources: 59
* Number of times the words ”lie,” ”lies,” or ”fabrication” are used to describe something Nancy Reagan did: 18
* References to Nancy’s chubbiness as a girl: 4
* Number of round-trip miles Nancy supposedly sent a governor’s aide from Sacramento to Pacific Palisades every week to feed the family dog on the maid’s day off: 754
* Approximate retail value of clothes Nancy selected during a two-hour shopping spree at the Beverly Hills Gucci in 1980: $11,470
* Dollars the soon-to-be First Lady herself spent, according to the former store manager: $0 [The clothing was a gift from Gucci in exchange for promotion by Mrs. Reagan.]
* Number of weeks six Portuguese women reportedly spent working around-the-clock embroidering Nancy’s 1981 inaugural dress: 6
* Number of dollars allegedly transferred from the Nancy Reagan Drug Abuse Fund to her own personal fund, the Nancy Reagan Foundation: $3.8 million
* Number of copulating dogs 2,000 feet from a runway reportedly shot and incinerated by Topeka, Kan., airport security to prevent ”unauthorized activity” near Air Force One, bearing Nancy and the President: 2