Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't

New Faces
The line at the supermarket was endless; I was tired and in a daze as a result of a long day at work. Then, suddenly, I was virtually blinded by the brilliance of the ”Fresh Faces” cover (April 5). The sun suddenly began to rise in the store! The line got smaller, and I was suddenly wide awake! What a vision of beauty! Hooray for Jennifer Connelly! Thank God a magazine has found a true, natural beauty to grace its cover.
Brian R. Corrigan III
Redondo Beach, Calif.

Could you please give me the number of the phone next to Jennifer Connelly in the picture on your cover? I cannot think of another young actress as beautiful and captivating as she is right now. Career Opportunities, which I saw solely for her, was dreadful, but she was terrific and I am eagerly awaiting The Rocketeer. If you can’t give me her number, how about giving her mine?
Peter Avellino
Scarsdale, N.Y.

I enjoyed your ”Fresh Faces” story, but I couldn’t help but wonder how you could have missed adding Jim Carrey from In Living Color to your list. Speaking as a young actor, I feel his physical versatility is unmatchable. Not only is he completely uninhibited, his style is unique.
Angi Ahlrich
Oklahoma City

Thank you for the beautiful photo of Debi Mazar. She really has the face of a future star. I think she will be a big success. She was great in GoodFellas, and I can’t wait for her upcoming projects Jungle Fever and Little Man Tate. It gives me a reason to go to the movies. I hope to read and see more of her in future issues of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY. Debi Mazar has a new fan.
Roy Helo
Orosi, Calif.

About your ”Fresh Faces” story: I think you owe Screaming Trees an apology. You have a picture of four street people, down and outers, under the headline Screaming Trees. You should have known that no one, especially entertainers, would go out in public looking like these people do. The Trees must have let you know already how wrong you were. I really enjoy your magazine, but please, be more careful — careers are at stake.
George F. Lynch
Auburn, Mass.

Ed. note: Trust us, the group in the photo is indeed Screaming Trees.

In your ”Fresh Faces” story you should have mentioned Ashley Peldon from The Guiding Light. At a young age, she is already an excellent actress, and I feel that she will only get better as she gets older. I hope she’s around for a long time to come. Also, thank you for recognizing the talent of her fellow Guiding Light cast member, Beth Ehlers. Here’s hoping that movie producers will start noticing it too.
Ricki King
Des Moines, Iowa

I starred opposite Robin Bartlett in the worst movie ever made. It was done for a 10th grade English project. We figured anyone who went to the trouble to make a movie was sure to get an A. We figured wrong. Papier-mâché Globe Theaters got As. Bad movies got Bs. But one thing was very clear: Even in the 10th grade, Robin could act. So it’s no surprise your magazine picked her out as one of the stars of the future. I did in 1967.
David C. Friedman
Bethesda, Md.

I was very surprised and upset that you did not include Dana Ashbrook and Mädchen Amick, of ABC’s wonderful Twin Peaks, in your list of the top 30 Stars of Tomorrow. Both of these performers show every week how much talent and star potential they have. The omission of the actor and actress who play Bobby Briggs and Shelly Johnson is a great oversight on your part.
Matt Harrison
State University, Ark.

Only a Yo-Yo would give feminism a bad ”rap.” While it is admirable that up- and-coming entertainer and rap star Yo-Yo wants to help out her fellow sisters, she is definitely going about it in the wrong way by ”dissing” feminism. It is not ”bitchy” to seek to even the score when injustice makes you mad; it’s called fighting for equality. And if feminists hadn’t fought, Yo-Yo would have never even gotten the chance to be where she is now.
Kerry S. Humphrey

Pop Whine And Roses
I was so excited to see the review of Morrissey’s new album in your April 5 issue! You are the only magazine to recognize these great music groups and singers (Robert Smith of the Cure, David Gahan of Depeche Mode, and Michael Stipe of R.E.M.). Thank you! Please keep writing about them for those of us who want to read about them but can’t find anything in any other publication anywhere.
April Rosenquist
San Bernardino, Calif.

I was disgusted when I read the article ”They Want to Be Alone” by Jim Farber, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Farber has some nerve to put down singers Michael Stipe, David Gahan, and Robert Smith. These three men have more talent than Farber could ever imagine.
Gina Williams
Diamond Bar, Calif.

Stereotyping Pool
I eagerly awaited your magazine’s review of Amy Grant’s Heart in Motion, and while I was pleased with Chuck Eddy’s favorable review, I did take take offense at his remark, ”This is top-level radio pop for flight attendants and office assistants…”. The days of the stereotypical flight attendant are long gone. We’re not all shallow-thinking airheads, as Mr. Eddy would imply. The majority of flight attendants have attended college. Many have enterprising businesses on the side, and we even have women and men becoming flight attendants for the first time during their grandparenting years. I could go on, but my point is that flight attendants dislike being stereotyped as much as any other professionals.
Terry Miller
Irving, Tex.

News & Notes
I was glad to finally see an article on the anxiously awaited Terminator 2, although I was somewhat disappointed that Anne Thompson had little to report other than that the film will be extremely expensive. There is unanimous agreement that the sequel’s total cost will be at least 10 times that of the original film. True, we fans can hardly hope that it will be 10 times better than the original Terminator (my all-time favorite science-fiction movie), but the careers of all the parties involved have come a long way since 1984. I hope you will provide readers of your magazine with more substantial coverage as the release date of what may well be this year’s biggest blockbuster approaches.
Bruce Sawyer
Spanish Fort, Ala.

In response to Jim Mullen’s ”Hot Sheet” comment about Madonna’s ”butt-wiggling” on the Oscars: The only good things we remember about the whole Oscar show are Madonna’s sex appeal and Billy Crystal’s humor. A sexy butt is a great gift to those of us who can appreciate it!
The Daoust Family
Fort Bragg, Calif.