Upcoming gangster movies -- A preview of ''Oscar,'' ''Bugsy,'' ''Hoffa,'' and more

Billy Bathgate

Last year, you saw GoodFellas, Miller’s Crossing, The Godfather Part III, and The Freshman. The year before maybe you saw Family Business. Have you had enough mobster mayhem? Hollywood doesn’t think so — there are gobs of the gang- related movies coming your way. So what’s the rumpus? ”There are certain subjects that are just plain interesting, because interesting dramatic stories can be told against them,” says writer Nicholas Pileggi, whose book Wiseguy became Martin Scorsese’s GoodFellas. ”In Shakespeare’s time, it was kings and queens. Now it’s gangster movies, cop movies, spy movies, and cowboy movies. It makes for a dramatic genre.” Beginning in April:

OSCAR Sylvester Stallone stars opposite Ornella Muti as a Mafia man trying to go straight (April).

MOBSTERS Christian Slater, Patrick Dempsey, and Richard Grieco top-line a tale of the creation of organized crime spanning 1917 to 1930 (July).

TRUE IDENTITY British comedian Lenny Henry discovers that a Mafia don (Frank Langella), thought to be sleeping with the fishes, is — thanks to plastic surgery — a new man (May).

BILLY BATHGATE Dustin Hoffman stars. Based on E.L. Doctorow’s novel (June).

DOUBLE IMPACT Jean Claude Van Damme will play twin brothers up against the Chinese Mafia (summer).

BUGSY (working title) Warren Beatty plays Bugsy Siegel, opposite Annette Bening, in this creation-of-Las Vegas story (fall/winter).

HOFFA (working title) Jack Nicholson trots out as Jimmy Hoffa in a Danny DeVito-directed story of the late, great teamster (unscheduled).

MACHINE GUN KELLY William Baldwin (Alec’s brother) stars as the legendary gangster (1992).

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