Princes in Exile

The kids at the fictional Camp Hawkins are just like most other children, except for their cancer. As they’re told at the beginning of the summer, they’re not to view this camp as a cancer ward with trees, they’re to have fun. For 17-year-old Ryan, though, sullen self-pity is all there is — until the death of a former rival who became a friend, and a girl with love to give, help to change his mind. That’s a mildly weepy moment in a movie with surprisingly few, given the subject.

This 1990 Canadian comedy-drama for both young people and adults is making its American debut on home video (rather than in movie theaters) — a smart move, considering that nothing in this familiar film story about hope would probably ignite the big screen, as they say. Princes in Exile essentially plays like an extended after-school special. Still, though we’ve heard this particular tale before, its message remains as potent as ever. B

Princes in Exile
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