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Lecter Mania
Thank you for the cover story on Silence of the Lambs star Anthony Hopkins (March 29). I found Hopkins’ performance to be the most terrifying portrayal of a villain in modern cinema, not only because he scared me, but because he made Hannibal Lecter such a likable character. Only a top-notch actor like Hopkins could have captured Dr. Lecter’s diabolical, two-faced personality in such a memorable fashion. It’s a performance that should not be forgotten at next year’s Oscars.
Chris Tisch
Oconto Falls, Wis.

Once in a great while you have the chance to see a superb book turned into a superb movie. The Silence of the Lambs is the best adaptation of popular fiction Hollywood has done in a great many years. Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Lecter is the linchpin of the movie, and his performance is simply mesmerizing. Since he was so convincing in the part, he may be short on dinner invitations in the future. What the heck! I’ll invite him to dinner. As long as he knows there will be no sharp objects, no Chianti, and certainly no red meat.
Rozanne Fritz
Rex, Ga.

Tires A-Changin’
I realize that journalists are particularly fond of puns, but you guys really outdid yourselves in your feature on Bob Dylan. I would be hard-pressed to pick the biggest groaner. Would it be ”Tangled Up in Bob,” ”Dylan Catalog Revisited,” or ”Positively Bootleg”? No, the undeniable winner was the contents page caption that accompanied the photograph of Dylan rolling a tire down a New York City sidewalk. It’s damn near impossible to repeat: ”Like a Rolling Firestone.”
Jerry Hamby
Baytown, Tex.

‘Quantum’ fans
Congratulations on being one of the precious few major publications to pick up on the success of Quantum Leap. NBC has it all in Leap: an intelligent, challenging show for cult followers and those who ”never watch television” and a superbly acted show for the baby-boomer audience with time for it on a weeknight.
Mary A. Schmidt
Madison, Wis.

Thanks for the article on Quantum Leap. It’s my favorite show. I’ve always thought that Scott Bakula was very talented and extremely attractive… he can leap into my body any day! If the series doesn’t get renewed for the fall, I’m selling my TV.
Inga Grossman
Kent, Ohio

Ed. Note: Quantum Leap will be back next fall on NBC.

Songwriter Ashman
Thanks for the mini-tribute to Howard Ashman, the Oscar-winning lyricist. The world has lost a great talent, and he will be missed.
Eric J. Levy
Trumbull, Conn.

A typo changed jazz trumpeter Harry James’ name to Henry James in Gary Giddins’ review of Wynton Marsalis (March 29). Also, a passage comparing Marsalis’ albums Standard Time Vol. 2 and Standard Time Vol. 3 was garbled. The passage should have read: ”Vol. 3 crams 21 selections into 70 minutes; Vol. 2 settles for only 12 cuts in 70 minutes.”