A ''Knots Landing'' tour -- A guide to who did what where on the CBS ''Dallas'' spin-off

Very General Hospital
* Val’s twins are born and sold to an illegal adoption ring. Abby is implicated in the kidnapping by Greg, who blackmails her into helping him with Empire Valley.
* Robert poisons Greg, forcing Greg to get a liver transplant.

Ewing Ranch
* While married to Abby, Gary becomes infatuated with Cathy Geary, whom Abby hired to distract him from her shady business dealings. He and Abby divorce.
*Chip Roberts hides out after killing Ciji Dunne and accidentally impales himself on a pitchfork.
* Val, back with Gary, hits her head and goes through a personality change.

Sumner Group offices
* Greg’s estranged daughter, Mary Frances, is shot and killed by her boyfriend, Robert.
* Paige catches Linda Fairgate with Greg on his office sofa.

Gary’s Car
* Jill Bennett dies after locking herself in the trunk to frame Gary for her death.

* Sid Fairgate is paralyzed when his rigged car goes off a highway; he dies on the operating table after leaving a farewell tape for Karen.

Greg’s Ranch
* After Laura’s death from a brain tumor, Greg asks Mack and Karen to take care of his daughter, Meg, whom they adopt.
*Greg and Paige play strip croquet to spice up their affair.

* Danny Waleska, Val’s rapist husband, forces Gary to drink, then leaves him at the wheel of a car on a cliffside road with his foot on the gas pedal.

Val’s House
* Gary begins an affair with Abby; Val throws him out, but they reconcile for one night and conceive the twins.
* Ben Gibson proposes to a pregnant Val and later finds out the twins are not his.
* Val has amnesia and moves to Tennessee, where she becomes a waitress named Verna Ellers.
* Lilimae’s son, Joshua, kidnaps his wife, Cathy, takes her to the roof of a building, and falls to his death.
* Jealous Jill forces Val at gunpoint to take suicide pills.

Karen’s House
* Karen goes through drug rehab.
* A bullet intended for Mack hits Karen. She has surgery to prevent paralysis and weds Mack.
* Karen is kidnapped by Mack’s college friend and saved by Mack.
* Karen, a talk show hostess, is threatened by a serial killer she works with.

The Williams House
* The previous owner, Richard Avery, holds Laura Avery and her son, Jason, hostage with an unloaded gun. A SWAT team surrounds the cul-de-sac and saves them.
* Pat Williams is hit and killed by drunken driver Danny in front of her house.
* Her daughter, Julie, smashes Danny’s fingers in a door and then watches him drown in a neighbor’s pool.

Knots Landing Beach
* Ciji’s body is found. Gary, recovering from a bender, is accused of her murder. Chip is eventually charged.

* Abby is held hostage by Mark St. Claire on his boat. Greg saves her and kills Mark. Abby backs his false story of self-defense.

Lotus Point
* Abby finds Peter Hollister’s body. Thinking her daughter Olivia has killed him, she buries Peter in a playground. Construction workers dig up the body.

Knots Landing
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