The Human Factor

Anyone who still believes that heavy metal is the work of the devil should give Metal Church’s The Human Factor a spin. The band’s values have a lot more in common with working-class stiffs than with Satan. The group uses chunky riffs and blood-curdling shrieks to slam such earth-bound problems as out-of-control consumer debt (”Date With Poverty”) and flag-burning liberals (”The Final Word”). When it comes to the music, however, this Seattle-based quintet is anything but conservative. Instead of relying solely on an unrelenting sledgehammer of high amperage, the band allows itself space for quiet moments. ”Agent Green” adds a folky, acoustic touch that gives the music depth, and the melodic ”In Mourning” would be downright hummable if it weren’t so heavy. Metal Church is the kind of band that would make Middle America feel proud…if only it could get used to the volume. B

The Human Factor
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