Current Affairs: A Life On the Edge

From his boyhood days in Washington, D.C., to his ascendancy as the Fox network’s star anchorboy, here’s everything you never wanted to know about America’s favorite TV host. You might not expect it but Maury Povich’s autobiography has some style — coauthor Ken Gross has given its prose a Hildy Johnson punch — but it isn’t the sort of tale that keeps you turning pages past bedtime either. Unlike his former TV show, A Current Affair, Current Affairs doesn’t dish much dirt. There are no intimate details about his first marriage, no inside stuff on Fox’s corporate politics, and no updates on what he describes as his ”aggressive approach” to impregnating his wife, Connie Chung. The book’s juiciest revelation: A Current Affair‘s famous electronic logo — Bo-ing! K-chung! — was produced by taking the sounds of someone swinging a golf club and operating an old-fashioned paper cutter and passing them through a synthesizer. Not much of a scoop.

Current Affairs: A Life On the Edge
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