Malcolm McLaren, Joan Sutherland, and Geraldo Rivera made news the week of April 12, 1991

TV: As a beauty in a red dress crosses an opulent sitting room, two women on the soundtrack sing a lush, romantic duet. Is this a cover of ”Lady in Red” ? No, it’s a new commercial for Revlon’s Velvet Touch lipstick. Within 48 hours of the spot’s debut during the Oscar telecast, 30 calls were made to Revlon asking about the ad’s seductively memorable music. ”Viens, Mallika,” or ”The Flower Duet,” comes from the French opera Lakmé, composed by Leo Delibes in 1883. This isn’t the first time Lakmé has found itself on the small screen. British Airways used the music twice in its commercials — in 1984 and in 1990, the second time with an arrangement by rock iconoclast and former Sex Pistol manager Malcolm McLaren. Revlon made its own version for the ad, using singers Helen Miles and Rita Shane. Of the two recordings available in stores- one featuring Joan Sutherland (London Records) and the other Mady Mesplé (Angel) — Opera News managing editor Brian Kellow says that Sutherland’s is better. ”There aren’t many people who can ring all the bells in [Lakmé‘s] ‘The Bell Song.”’…
PRINT: A recent issue of The Two River Times makes one think the New Jersey weekly newspaper should be renamed The Geraldo Review. TV talk show host Geraldo Rivera bought a 75 percent interest in his local paper last month and assumed the post of managing editor. The first issue published under Rivera’s direction included a page one ”exclusive” interview with Geraldo on his plans for the paper (plus a photo with his wife), Geraldo’s ”Rough Point” column on the editorial page (named for his Locust, N.J., estate), and three photos of guess who on the society page. Is this the beginning of Citizen Rivera?