Dollars and Sex

In 1988, this British band somehow made it to No. 1 with their clumsy if mildly catchy single ”Wild, Wild West.” They have not been humbled by the experience. Throughout their second album, Dollars and Sex, lead singer Trevor Steel spends most of his time brushing off women unworthy of his newfound celebrity. There’s the space-cadet bimbo he meets at a club in ”Call It Poison,” the woman to whom he sings ”All I need is a night with you/Do all the things that I want to do” (notice the emphasis on I, not we, in the second line), and the uppity babe he dismisses in ”So Fashionable” (”She got cheekbones, she got legs/She got a million-dollar beautiful empty head”). As on their debut album, the music is heavy-handed white-boy funk-a whiter shade of INXS. Just remember, boys: Fame is fleeting.

Dollars and Sex
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