Bronx Blues: The Columbia Recordings (1962-1965)

After leaving his singing homeboys back on Belmont Avenue in the Bronx, Dion DiMucci embarked on an ambitious solo career that set his yearning voice in a stylistic panorama wider than just doo-wop. While hits like ”Ruby Baby” and ”Donna the Prima Donna” are clearly echoes of his earlier work, this fascinating 20-track compilation also reveals a rewarding interest in blues, ballads, Presleyesque gospel-country, and Bob Dylan. If the idea of a pretty- boy teen idol giving Chicago blues great Willie Dixon’s ”Spoonful” a convincing performance seems bizarre, rest assured that Dion makes it work. Bronx Blues — which has excellent liner notes, amazing sound, five previously unreleased recordings, and not a bad performance in the bunch — shows just how restless ”the Wanderer” really was. A

Bronx Blues: The Columbia Recordings (1962-1965)
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