Remembering Dave Guard -- We honor the life of a folk pioneer and fellow member of the ''Kingston Trio''

Remembering Dave Guard

When Dave Guard formed the Kingston Trio in 1957 with buddies Nick Reynolds and Bob Shane, they were just collegiate folkies looking to earn beer money. The Trio’s smooth vocals and driving rhythms made them Bay Area favorites, and when they appeared as last-minute replacements for Phyllis Diller at San Francisco’s legendary Purple Onion in 1958, their reputation started to spread nationwide. Later that year, the group’s first hit, ”Tom Dooley,” went to No. 1. Guard, who died of lymphoma at 56 on March 22, was the group’s resident intellectual and banjo player. ”Dave always created a harmony that was magical,” says guitarist Reynolds. The original trio broke up in 1961 when Guard left to form the Whiskyhill Singers — but not before their clean-cut style had opened the door for the folk surge of the ’60s.