Pilots inspired by ''Ghost'' -- A number of potential fall series try to land on network lineups

A year after Patrick Swayze made being dead a romantic proposition in Ghost, the networks are clamoring to get spirits of their own on the air. The dearly departed presently under consideration for fall series include an inner-city kid, an unhappily married couple, and a Biblical murderer. Here’s the last- curtain call:

* Moe’s World (ABC) Eleven-year-old Moe Baker loves basketball, hates girls, and thinks he knows it all. The catch: He’s dead. But, like Ghost‘s Sam Wheat before him, Moe is still able to observe the living — and to affect them.

* Till Death Do Us Part (ABC) Jack and Marilyn Prince can’t stop fighting with each other — even after they die in a car accident. St. Peter sends them earthward to assist the brokenhearted.

* Cain (NBC) Abel’s brother gets reincarnated in modern times and repents by helping those in need.

* Esme’s Little Nap (CBS) The title character isn’t dead, but she’s not exactly conscious, either. Esme bumps her head, goes into a coma, and narrates the story from her bed’s-eye-view while her mother moves in to take care of the family. (Carrie Fisher created the series, but doesn’t appear in it; Fisher’s mom, Debbie Reynolds, stars as Esme’s mother.)

While the Fisher-Reynolds combination should win Esme a place in the CBS lineup, the destiny of the rest will remain in limbo until late May, when network programmers set their fall schedules.

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