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Icy Response
Thank you for the article on Vanilla Ice (March 15). I appreciate your giving him the opportunity to address the public. I also admired the respect you showed him. He is very talented, and I hope he continues his huge success. I love you, Ice.
Suzanne D. Gramling
Dickson, Tenn.

Your story on Vanilla Ice was truly insightful. I’m really glad to hear that Vanilla considers himself to be a role model. In fact, my very existence hinges on every word he utters. What a fine example he’s setting for all of us. I especially adored the wonderful photo of Mr. Ice grabbing his crotch. What a guy! Maybe you should do an ”Ice Update” in every issue.
Navarro Parker
Wichita, Kan.

I just read the intriguing article on Vanilla Ice by Linda Sanders. Many may criticize Ice, saying he doesn’t rap about what other rappers do, but can they be compared? Ice has his own style, and this is one talented dude. Most people don’t like him because he’s white and somewhat self-centered, but hey, he raps good, right? Word to ya mutha!
Ashok Bhalla

As a black American I find it very offensive that ”being in trouble” and having an ”attitude problem” constitute having a black experience, as Vanilla Ice seems to think. Being a white American, he can never hope to understand fully the anguish and anger in black rappers’ music. I’m not saying he isn’t talented or that he doesn’t have the right to rap; he does. However, I do think it is a shame when a pseudo-attitude like his outsells other (legitimate) rap artists because his audience just happens to be white teenybopper girls.
James T. Jackson
Louisville, Ky.

Your cover story should have read: ”So Who Is Vanilla Ice?…The Answer Is Gay-basher!” Violent hate crimes are becoming an epidemic. This is not a harmless schoolboy prank. It’s just too bad he feels ”so terrible” about it now. Let’s help him feel even worse by speeding up the end of his undeserved, flash-in-the-pan career.
Ross Tang
Burbank, Calif.

Shame on you for giving any circus a grade of A. The only thing a circus accomplishes is exploiting animals. Anyone who buys a ticket to the circus is contributing to cruelty to animals, and in my book that is a definite F.
Amy May Musselman
Fredericksburg, Va.

Rock and War
I found David Browne’s essay ”Rock During Wartime” interesting until the very last paragraph and the snide remark that finished it off. What makes you think that Donnie Wahlberg’s view on the war, or any other issue, is any less valid than Sinead O’Connor’s or anyone else’s in the ”pop-rock community”? I suggest you keep your cheap shots to yourself. Maybe you can learn something from a New Kid on the Block.
Marianne Cadena
North Miami

The Hurrell photographs of movie stars in the story ”Best Pictures” (March 22) should have been credited to the Bill Chapman Collection. We regret the error.