The La's

If you asked average Americans what kind of rock music they like best in all this world, nine-tenths of them would reply without hesitation, ”The Beatles.” Why that very same audience has subsequently rejected the overtures of every band that has successfully aped the Beatles since 1970 remains a total mystery. Big Star, the dBs, the Shoes: all Beatlesque beyond belief, all unknown beyond a tiny smattering of true believers. Honestly, it seems as if the world would rather listen to rap, disco, opera, punk — anything, so long as it’s not mere pop music full of pretty melodies, clean rock guitars, and Liverpudlian accents. That’s why the La’s, a Liverpool band whose sound closely mimics all the best bits of the Beatles, the Kinks, and the Who (check out ”There She Goes” for an earful of the most exquisite pop you’re likely to hear this side of ”Penny Lane”) haven’t got a chance. A+

The La's
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