''Home Alone'' star in trouble -- Macaulay Culkin caught in compromising situation on the set of his new film, ''My Girl''

Just how angelic is Macaulay Culkin? Last week a supermarket tabloid reported that the 10-year-old megastar — currently shooting My Girl with Jamie Lee Curtis, Dan Aykroyd, and 10-year-old Anna Chlumsky in Orlando — paid for a stripper to perform in his trailer. Culkin reportedly had been so transfixed by Lolita Davidovich’s suggestive performance as a burlesque dancer in Blaze, which he had seen on home video, that he asked some of his buddies on the crew to find a local woman with similar talents. The Home Alone kid, who’s reportedly making $1 million for My Girl, allegedly paid the ecdysiast $1,000 in cash. From costar Curtis to the movie’s publicist to the production assistants, everyone on the set has been buzzing about the story — and fiercely denying it. Culkin’s mother says that the ”Macmonster” (as he’s affectionately known by some of the crew) hasn’t even heard the story, which was printed in the March 26 issue of The Star.

”This is the first time we’ve ever dealt with bad press,” says Pat Culkin, who has six other children. ”It’s such a slam to the movie people, too, that this could ever go on. Mack goes to a real good Catholic school [in New York City] — I can just see them reading about this.” Will the Culkins take legal action against the paper? ”We’ll see what we’re going to do.”

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