Figures from this years Oscars -- Who thanked who and how many friends Jon Bon Jovi had in the audience

* Number of winners who thanked the Academy: 14…their families: 7…their wives: 13…their husbands: 1…their kids: 5…their parents: 6…America: 2…God: 1Kevin Costner: 7
* Average waiting time in minutes for next Costner close-up: 18
* Minutes audience waited for dance numbers to end: 13.5
* Number of Academy Awards shows with dance numbers Al Pacino has endured to find out he hasn’t won an Oscar: 6
* Number of Cindy Crawford sightings on Revlon commercials during the show: 4
* Number of seconds it took Academy to accept Best Original Song award for an absent Stephen Sondheim: 5
* Number of seconds it took Joe Pesci to accept his Best Supporting Actor award: 3
* Number of sound and special-effects winners cut off by music: 3
* Number of war jokes: 9
* Number of Sinéad jokes: 1
* Number of Jon Bon Jovi‘s friends in the audience: 61