Catchy tunes for kids -- Norman Foote delivers on getting kids to dance

In his native Canada, children’s entertainer Norman Foote is known for his inventive live performances — a mix of original songs, stand-up comedy, musical impressions, and puppets (one of them a dead ringer for Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney).

”People used to say, ‘Well, you can’t do everything,’ and I just decided that I would,” says the 36-year-old Foote. ”I would do the comedy, I would do the puppetry, I would do the music, and I would just combine all three.”

Now Walt Disney Records is releasing a new version of the performer’s acclaimed 1990 album Foote Prints with three songs recorded for this edition: the slinky, sophisticated ”Dinosaur and the Progress of Man”; the upbeat ”Anything Can Happen”; and the rhyming, rollicking ”Hey Dum Diddle Dum.” ”I do believe that children really like variety in rhythm,” Foote says of his eclectic approach to music.

Two people who aren’t quite as enthusiastic about Foote’s catchy tunes as they once were are his daughters, Amanda, 13, and Monica, 10. The singer has a habit of trying out his new material on them. Their reaction? Reports Foote: ”They say, ‘We’re tired of hearing them!’ or ‘Not in front of my friends, Dad!”’