Tapping into teen culture -- Darren Star follows teen trends for his work on ''Beverly Hills, 90210'' and ''If Looks Could Kill''

It has been a decade since screenwriter Darren Star was a teenager, but he could be considered an expert in the field. His script for If Looks Could Kill follows a high school senior (Richard Grieco) on an ill-fated trip to Paris. And Star delves even deeper into teendom as the creator and supervising producer of TV’s Beverly Hills, 90210. Living in L.A., Star doesn’t have to go far to keep his thumb on the youth pulse. ”Los Angeles has a very youth-oriented culture,” he says, ”so teen trends enter the young-adult culture.” He notes that ”drugs and alcohol aren’t cool,” but condoms (known as ”raincoats”) are definitely in. According to Star, also in teen vogue are:

*Raw-vegetable boutonnieres for guys, specifically radishes.
BOLD {*Elegant, understated dresses}] for girls, especially for the prom.
*’60s fashions, including tie-dye shirts and peace signs. ”Kids today are embracing the spirit of the ’60s without the drugs,” says Star.

*Stylin’ ”It’s ‘style’ used as a verb.” (As in: Betty’s really stylin’ in that skirt.)
*Groovy ”A lot of ’60s language is making a comeback.”
*Geek ”It’s basically replaced nerd.”

*Mustang convertible or Porsche Turbo Carrera.

*Rap ”Sixties sounds are coming back, but rap is it.”

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