Rotisserie League Baseball: The Official Video

If Major League baseball is a game of inches, Rotisserie League baseball is a game of decimal points. It’s an armchair sport with teams based on real Major League players and ”owned” by wannabe George Steinbrenners from all walks of life. The players’ real statistics are compiled, and at the end of the baseball season the Rotisserie team with the best cumulative performance across all the categories wins the league.

As an owner of a Rotisserie franchise, I was hoping to pick up some draft and trade tips from this cassette, to help improve on my 1990 last-place finish. But instead of angles on how to analyze player statistics or strategies for outfoxing other owners in mid-season trades, Rotisserie League Baseball offers lots of fluff, such as lessons on coming up with clever names for a team (surname puns like French’s Ticklers and Dyre Straights). Also, while this videocassette explains the origin of the name Rotisserie (from the New York City restaurant in which it was born), it fails to reveal that Rotisserie Leagues are essentially run as games of chance, with the winners making money through wagers on the games.

As far as this tape is concerned, at least, Rotisserie League baseball is definitely a game that’s much more fun to play than watch. C-

Rotisserie League Baseball: The Official Video
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