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Wolves & Crow
I would like to compliment you on the excellent cover story on Dances With Wolves (March 8). Kevin Costner has the insight to know what moviegoers want to see, and the integrity not to let Hollywood determine what he undertakes. Costner exemplifies the true definition of ”star” and, with luck, the Academy will acknowledge his efforts on Oscar night!
Sherry Terry
Lafayette, Ind.

Your latest issue wasted 10 pages on Dances With Wolves, a vastly overrated film which your own reviewer (too generously) rates as a C. It is amazing that this boring and mediocre film was a box office success, but for it to be nominated for awards which supposedly center on excellence is a crime. American Indians are a complex and fascinating people with a rich and varied culture, not cardboard symbols of politically correct propaganda, as the film presents them. Kevin Costner is a mediocre performer and an amateur director. The film is an overly long slide show.
Daniel W. Hays
Salem, Ore.

Is your magazine’s new Indian name Eating Crow? Your reviewer begrudgingly gave Dances With Wolves a C grade, calling it a ”hippie Western.” Now you publish an issue featuring Dances‘ unbridled success despite Hollywood | naysayers. Nowhere do you mention that you totally missed the call. If the film’s vision is tinted by rose-colored glasses, so be it. Dances works, and they’re preferable to cynics’ blinders any day.
Patricia L. Stone

Issak Early Warning
Last July, my husband and I went to the Sonoma County (Calif.) Fair and enjoyed the best live performance we had ever seen! We thought, who is Chris Isaak and why doesn’t the world know about him? Seven months later, he’s featured in ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY and is given well-deserved adulation. Thanks for the coverage, from two loyal C.I. fanatics.
Cheryl Hoover
Sonoma, Calif.

Video-Card Buff
I have been getting your magazine for about a year, and I love it. The article on video all-stars was intriguing, and I really enjoyed the movie-star cards you ran with it. In describing the ”people in real life they remind you of,” each card was just cruel enough to be true, and just true enough to be hilarious. Mickey Rourke is okay, but he does look like the ”guy who gives you shoes at the bowling alley.” Keep up the good work.
Autumn J. Conley
Springfield, Ohio

Bret Bet-Taker
I give in. I mean, a dare’s a dare, right? I’ll read American Psycho and not get nauseous — just watch me. Bret Easton Ellis is certainly not the first horror novelist to use violence against women to make a sale. I still can’t wait to see what all the fuss is about.
Kathy Bakken

Missing Peaks
Last Saturday night at 10 p.m., I picked up a book I had been meaning to read for some time. Thanks, ABC, for helping me break the couch-potato habit. Without Twin Peaks, TV is useless.
Jody Malcolm
Jacksonville, Fla.