The young TV star Richard Grieco (Booker) looks like he was cooked up in a lab. He’s blandly, boyishly handsome, with waxy skin and thick, dark eyebrows that have been artificially streamlined, giving him an aura of plastic, I-was-a-teenage-werewolf sensuality. In If Looks Could Kill, a piece of high-zap twaddle, he plays a mildly delinquent high school student — he flunked French, okay? — who’s mistaken for a master spy. The movie is a kiddie James Bond escapade, complete with gadgets, stunts, and leering innuendo. As the decadent villains, Linda Hunt thrusts out her chin imperiously, and Roger Rees lisps and sulks as though he were warming up to star in The Peter Cushing Story.

If Looks Could Kill
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