Albert Collins, TAD, and Jackie Collins made news the week of March 29, 1991

MUSIC: Blues guitarist Albert Collins‘ new album is called Iceman, but not for long. That’s because Jerry Butler, a soul singer who was inducted (along with Curtis Mayfield and the rest of the Impressions) into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this year, owns trademark rights to ”Iceman,” his nickname for more than 20 years. ”I didn’t want to beat up on Collins,” says Butler. ”I like his music.” But Butler stopped Collins, as well as Vanilla Ice, from using ”Iceman.” Later editions of Collins’ album will simply be called Albert Collins
More cover woes: TAD, a Seattle hard-core rock quartet fronted by a 300-pound ex-butcher named — what else? — Tad, have been told to change the cover of their new album, 8-Way Santa. Its colorized photo depicts a ’70s-garbed fellow cupping a woman’s halter-clad breast. Tad didn’t know the duo: A friend of the band picked up the art at a local garage sale. Turns out the pair in the photo had divorced a while back, and the woman’s new husband spied the record in a store. Sub Pop, TAD’s label, is running a contest to find a new ”everyman and everywoman” for the cover…
BOOKS: Hollywood’s reigning princess of pulp, Jackie Collins, had better hold on to her tiara. Big sister Joan has just published her second novel, Love & Desire & Hate. The Dynasty diva says she spends five hours a day scribbling her books on yellow pads ”with barrel pencils, lots of them, well-sharpened,” while downing cups of coffee. Although Joan is already at work on her next novel (the first of a $4 million, two-book Random House deal), she’s worried that no one has yet snapped up the TV rights for Love. ”My agent will have to get to work on that,” she says.