Strange Free World

This over-intellectualized British rock trio — one member is a medical doctor — trades in music that is awash in a passionate throb of guitar. The titles of the songs on Strange Free World evoke stormy landscapes of intense physical attraction ”Gorgeous Love,” ”Aspray,” and ”Drive That Fast” could all be soundtrack for an ultraromantic film like The French Lieutenant’s Woman. The massive waves of guitar make the music pretty muscular, but the Kitchens add a good measure of brains to the mix. Unfortunately, the sound is almost too intense. Even passionate throbbing becomes monotonous if it goes on too long, $ and about midway through you start to wish that the band would lift their swirling curtain of sound and lighten up, if only for a moment. In music, if not in real life, unrelieved romance can get monotonous. B

Strange Free World
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