Once on This Island

Broadway theaters always fill up around Easter, making reservations a must for holiday visitors. To call for tickets, phone Ticketron (T) at 212-246-0102 or Telecharge (TC) at 800-233-3123; in New York, 212-239-6200. It can be hard to get choice seats for Cats (Winter Garden, 1634 Broadway, TC), Les Miserables (Imperial, 249 W. 45 St., TC), Phantom of the Opera (Majestic, 247 W. 44 St., TC), and Miss Saigon (Broadway, 1681 Broadway, TC), in previews starting March 23. But seats are available for many others, ranging from big musicals to the one-person shows: Jackie Mason: Brand New (Neil Simon, 250 W. 52 St., T) and The Big Love with Tracey Ullman (Plymouth, 236 W. 45 St., TC).

ONCE ON THIS ISLAND Booth, 222 W. 45 St., TC
Eye-catching but ear-numbing, this musical tells the tragic fable of a dark-skinned peasant girl who falls for a light-skinned aristocrat. Stephen Flaherty’s Caribbean-style score drags down Graciela Daniele’s splashy choreography. B-

Once on This Island
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