Miss Grant Takes Richmond

For most of her early movie career, Lucille Ball got the kind of supporting parts — cynical best friend, the detective’s wisecracking sidekick, that sort of thing — that would otherwise have gone to Eve Arden. In Miss Grant Takes Richmond, however, Ball does a sort of warm-up for I Love Lucy, playing the lead role of a well-meaning but scatterbrained secretary employed as an unwitting front by bookie William Holden. Ball’s occasionally as funny here as she ever was with Desi, and she gets a few brief opportunities for the kinds of pratfalls she milked on the tube — Miss Grant opens, for example, with a lengthy typing-school sequence in which Ball gets (you guessed it) ink all over her face. Looney Tunes gag writer Frank Tashlin had a hand in the screenplay, which could account for the vaguely cartoonish feel of some of it. On the whole, though, Miss Grant Takes Richmond is a predictable and fairly mild farce for die-hard Lucy lovers only.

Miss Grant Takes Richmond
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