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Door Matters
Your article on Oliver Stone’s The Doors (March 1) held my attention from beginning to end. The story gave me a lot of insight into the making of the movie. Val Kilmer did an excellent job playing Jim Morrison — the difference between the two is so slight that Kilmer almost seems to be Jim Morrison reincarnate. It may have taken 20 years to make this movie, but the result was sure worth the long wait.
Sheri Richardson
Sacramento, Calif.

Thanks for your cover story on The Doors. It introduced me to a different side of Jim Morrison. I can’t wait to see the movie.
Danny Chorba

The Doors were one of the finest bands ever to emerge on the music scene. Their music was entrancing both lyrically and instrumentally. To accuse Morrison of being an incompetent poet is both inaccurate and absurd. Critic Bill Wyman might have observed that it is highly unlikely that a $$20 million film would ever have been made about a band whose singer-songwriter failed to stimulate the imagination and thoughts of anyone who listened to him.
John Douglas Zielinski
Rutherford, N.J.

Bill Wyman would not know a Door if he walked into one. Instead of writing a justified review about Jim Morrison, Wyman subjected us to a scathing critique based on redundant fallacies and sensationalized negative images. It would be in Wyman’s best interests to check out a few of Morrison’s poetry books. He might also direct his opinions toward something other than surface ballyhoo. Perhaps it’s time for Wyman to cleanse his ”doors of perception.”
Mania Chapman
Coffeyville, Kan.

Your reviewer’s claim that ”the Doors never put out an A record” is an insult to your grading system, not the Doors.
Brad Moseley
Osage Beach, Mo.

Foster Fans
I enjoyed your article on Jodie Foster. It’s time we had a role model like her to look up to — someone who works hard and is proud of her performance as an actress. I think Foster is going to be even more popular than she is now. So thanks, James Kaplan, for writing the article. But I really thank Jodie Foster, for being herself.
Sabrina Lundquist
Agoura Hills, Calif.

James Kaplan’s article on Jodie Foster gave wonderful insight into a very talented and intelligent actress. Foster doesn’t just take the plum roles. She accepts the challenging and controversial parts that other actresses shy away from. I was especially taken by her performance in The Silence of the Lambs. She took on an extremely complex role and played it to perfection.
Michael Shannon
North Bergen, N.J.

The Power of Joni
Being a longtime Joni-phile, I must thank Entertainment Weekly, and writer Linda Sanders, for the review of Joni Mitchell’s latest and past albums. Sanders gives some long overdue credit to the singer-composer’s ”vivid and delicious chronicles of a woman’s life.” Joni’s life works have filled and followed mine, and she just gets better.
Carol Brooks
Martinez, Calif.