Chloe Liked Olivia

If nothing else, Two Nice Girls have provided us with the ultimate (and, it is hoped, final) variant of George Bush’s ”kinder, gentler nation” line: ”Is this my good fortune?/I’m finally in luck,” sings Gretchen Phillips. ”Now what I receive is a kinder and gentler f—.” The Girls — there are actually four of them, and part of the point is that they’re not always nice — sing songs about feminism and lesbianism, most of them sensitive enough not to be alienating if you’re not already a convert. The girls are basically folkies, but are willing and able to rock out. Chloe Liked Olivia is pristinely produced and occasionally startling: ”Throw It All Away,” by bassist Meg Hentges, has a lovely chorus and is sung by her in a rich, burnished voice. But not everything gels. Despite the rock & roll and more bawdiness (”The Queer Song,” a lusty rewrite of Buddy Holly’s ”Not Fade Away”), there are long spots of lethargy. But occasionally the foursome gets into a jazzy laid-back groove; it turns out that besides polemics and humor, Two Nice Girls can display some soul as well. B-

Chloe Liked Olivia
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