Brand name dropping in ''American Psycho'' -- Bret Easton Ellis' yuppie killer buys Zegna, Ceralene, Tumi, and other expensive labels

While ordinary book lovers might recognize the brand names Ralph Lauren and Hermès, author Bret Easton Ellis has sewn many more obscure, hoity-toity labels and exclusive designer tags into his controversial new novel, American Psycho. In fact, the slasher book, controversial for its violence against women, reads like the ultimate yuppie shopping list. ”It shows consumerism,” says an editor at Random House, the novel’s publisher. Among the names dropped in just the first 50 pages:

Ermenegildo Zegna men’s silk suit, $1,100
Ceralene coffee cup, $139.70 with saucer
Ike Behar cotton shirt with French cuffs, $120
Tumi calfskin attache case, $450
Jenny B. Goode tapestry pillow, $79.50
Rembrandt toothpaste, $9.95

American Psycho (book)
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