Warrant's ready to go to war -- Why Jani Lane's band is prepared to fight even with a bestselling album, ''Cherry Pie''

”Everyone in the band feels the same way,” said Jani Lane, lead singer of the pop-metal band Warrant, a few days before the fighting stopped. ”If we were drafted, we’d go.”

That now appears unlikely, but the group, whose second album, Cherry Pie, has sold over a million copies, has nonetheless been highly visible in its support for U.S. troops fighting in the gulf. Warrant participated in the ”Voices That Care” single and played a Feb. 22 concert for 3,000 members of the armed forces and their teenage children at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey. ”It was neat,” Lane recalled of the show. ”We partied in the barracks afterward with the pilots. It was fun but also kind of sad. You don’t get the same feeling from the news as you get from looking in the eyes of someone who’s leaving the next day for Saudi Arabia. It becomes very real.”

Lane didn’t find it unusual for rock stars to express concern for U.S. soldiers. He admitted that many of his peers shied away from projects like ”Voices That Care” because, he said, ”they’re either firmly antiwar or because they’re afraid the press will say they’re exploiting the situation.” As for rock’s antiwar stance during the Vietnam War, he called that time ”a different era — different values, different set of circumstances…. I don’t necessarily agree with the political reason for the war. But you can’t let a Hitler-minded person have the chance to build up even larger armies.”