The Official Honeymooners Treasury

Ralph Kramden couldn’t ask for a more scrupulous and devoted pair of Boswells than the authors of this slavish compendium of reminiscences, script fragments, and trivia from the 1955-56 episodes of The Honeymooners — what devotees call ”the Classic 39.” Peter Crescenti and Bob Columbe, cofounders of RALPH (Royal Association for the Longevity and Preservation of the Honeymooners), also provide a catalog of the show’s 73 ”lost episodes,” along with some witty arcana, from the number of times Ralph threw Norton out of his apartment (21) to the number of times he was heard to say, ”Bang-Zoom, to the Moon!” (amazingly, not even once). The Official Honeymooners Treasury is for fans only, but for them, essential.

The Official Honeymooners Treasury
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