Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't

Steve’s Story
About your cover story (Feb. 22): Don’t get me wrong. Steve Martin is one of my favorite entertainers. But after viewing L.A. Story, I left with a blank expression on my face, wondering what I was supposed to have seen! The only thing that kept me from nodding off was the popcorn.
Tom S. Costa
Livonia, Mich.

Video Messenger
We read your article ”Cover Stories,” about tapes with misleading boxes. As video retailers, we were floored by the author’s suggestion that disappointed renters ask for a refund. Does he think we can get the $65 we paid for a turkey like Chasing Dreams back from our distributor? No way! We’re just the messenger. Don’t shoot us. Consumers should go after the offending companies. Write and complain! Better yet, don’t rent any movies they make. When sales drop, maybe they’ll change their tune!
Gene Kaffenberger
President, King Video
Allen Park, Mich.

News & Notes
About your item ”Royal Pain”: Prince values his privacy, and so should others. Perhaps you should refrain from reporting undocumented accusations of personal and private matters.
Dana R. Ramirez
Staten Island, N.Y.

I think more men actors should bare their chests, hairy or not (”Surely, You Chest”). Look at all the women who’ve done it. Women have allowed themselves to be exploited for years. I’m waiting for a sports magazine to feature male sports figures in skimpy swimsuits. I’d be the first in line to buy one.
Tracy Schantz
Valley Springs, Calif.

Winter Rules
I don’t often write anyone regarding TV shows, but Ken Tucker’s review of Davis Rules was right on target. I really love the show, and although Randy Quaid and Patricia Clarkson are mighty fine in their roles, I love that offbeat Jonathan Winters. I wish he lived in my house — we could sure use the humor. Here’s hoping Davis Rules makes it.
Sandy Braunsdorf
Topeka, Kan.

Down about Brown
I am appalled by your record review of Sawyer Brown. What do you mean, ”fooled the judges of Ed McMahon’s Star Search”? Everyone starts somewhere and they were deserving of that win! As a loyal fan, I cannot believe your poor excuse for a review!
Amy LaRue
Fulton, Mo.

Hauer Your Feeling?
I was so happy to see your video section article on Rutger Hauer. He’s a very talented actor, and you’re right, he is the ”master of mean.” I was only surprised to see that you didn’t include The Hitcher in his best bad-boy credits.
Jean Pohly
Warren, N.J.

Rutger Hauer may be the master of mean, but that’s not why I am a fan. He is also incredibly sexy (don’t tell my husband I said that). You can keep wimpy Tom Cruise and boring Rob Lowe, just give me Rutger any day!
Valerie Michaud
Pembroke, Mass.