Live in the ''Fatal Attraction'' house -- The home used in the Glen Close thriller is on the real estate market

If you have no qualms about cooking on the same stove where Glenn Close prepared her infamous rabbit surprise, or bathing in the tub where she met her grisly cinematic fate — or about shelling out $975,000 — then this could be your dream house. Skipper Rope Farm, the 200-year-old, five-acre Westchester County estate where interior shots for 1987’s Fatal Attraction were filmed, is for sale. Bedford, N.Y., real estate agent Lois Barnett says she tries not to mention the hare-raising feature when she shows the place to clients, although they tend to bring it up themselves — usually around the time they enter the kitchen. ”The kitchen is so pretty and charming,” says Barnett. ”It takes the stigma away to a certain degree, until they start talking about the film and looking at the stove.”

Then there’s the tub in which Close took a death-defying dip before getting blown away by gunslinging Anne Archer. ”By that time it gets fairly funny,” says Barnett, adding that there are enough bathrooms (three and a half) in the five-bedroom house that visitors generally don’t know which is which. ”People who have lived there have always been happy,” she says. ”Some houses, you follow them, and you have one unhappy family after the other. But this house has always had very homey, happy people.” That is, except for the brief time Dan and Beth Gallagher moved in.

Fatal Attraction
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