By Janiss Garza
Updated March 15, 1991 at 05:00 AM EST

Great White is a grown-up hard-rock band. That’s not to say that its music is entirely for adults — it wouldn’t be rock & roll if it were. Nor does it mean the band’s members act particularly grown-up. Singer Jack Russell’s notorious hard-living, two-fisted antics are a testament to that. Great White’s emerging maturity is found in its growing reliance on a polished, mid-tempo sound and the rough ‘n’ tumble tales of bad romance found on such tunes as ”The Original Queen of Sheba” and ”Heartbreaker.” And only a band that’s been around the block a few times would be brave enough to wear its heart on its sleeve, as the quintet does on the pretty ballad ”Lovin’ Kind.” The only problem on Hooked is that Great White never cuts loose — the group hints at it on ”Call It Rock n’ Roll” and comes close on ”Desert Moon,” but never quite goes over the top. These guys can do it, too — the tension on Hooked constantly threatens to explode. It’s great to have songs that’ll be headed for radio play — Great White has a knack for that — but it’s no excuse for them to keep their true grit under lock and key. B