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Love Letters
Your issue on romance (Feb. 15) for Valentine’s Day was just about perfect. It stirred my emotions, rekindled my memories, and brought a smile to my face. Please continue publishing theme issues like this fine one. By the way, I would add ”Always” by Atlantic Starr to any list of the most romantic songs of all time. My wife and I danced to it at our wedding.
Steven Healy
Maywood, Ill.

I forgive my favorite magazine for not including Dusty Springfield’s version of ”The Look of Love” in its 10 best romantic songs list. Those lyrics, that sax, and that incredibly sultry voice! I am convinced that Dusty Springfield was one of the most underrated singers of the ’60s.
Michael Owsiany
St. Clair Shores, Mich.

All hail Ron Givens for celebrating Frank Sinatra’s love affair with lyrics in your romance issue. But ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY readers should also know that on ”Old Devil Moon,” Sinatra sings ”Wanna cry! Wanna croon! Wanna laugh like a loon!” (not ”What a cry! What a croon!”).
Craig T. Mason
Morton, Ill.

I was offended by Ron Givens’ nasty remarks about two of the screen’s most famous and successful singers, Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy. The movie in which he said they ”hollered” ”Indian Love Call” (Rose Marie) was one of MGM’s most successful at the box office in 1936.
Richard Folmar
Luverne, Ala.

How could you possibly not include Luther Vandross on your list of the most romantic singers?
Mara Armstrong
Brooklyn, N.Y.

What about Barbra Streisand?
Eddie James
Emory, Va.

And why leave out Engelbert Humperdinck?
Joyce Addison

In your ”Hyper-Extended Foreplay” section on TV couples, how could you forget the classic Cheers confrontations of Sam and Diane (the early years), Sam and Rebecca (the later years), and Sam and Carla (every year)?
Daniel M. Barton
Raleigh, N.C.

The first time I saw Arthur Kent on NBC I said, ”Oh, my. What a dish!” I may be called a dirty old lady, but I can watch Kent all day. You can bet I’ve been watching NBC news faithfully.
Gamma Choy
San Francisco

I loved the article on and photo of Arthur Kent. He’s not only the coolest newsman but also the sexiest.
Joann Arnold
St. Bernard, La.

About Arthur Kent: enough already. The press corps in Saudi Arabia needed a laugh, and probably for the first week the ”Scud Stud” thing was taken as a joke. But folks, the man is a war correspondent trying to do his job in a place where they’re firing live ammunition. This is not a drill. Leave Kent in peace, before you totally ruin his career as a respected journalist. God knows, there are too few of those already.
L.M. Merchant
Greenville, Pa.