Cameos in ''The Doors'' -- Oliver Stone, Billy Idol, John Densmore and others make appearances in the Jim Morrison biopic

To use the lingo of the ’60s, the making of The Doors was a happening scene. Director Oliver Stone has always enjoyed offering small roles and cameos to friends and visitors to the set. Given the intense interest with which Hollywood was following this project, a lot of famous visitors, including genuine ’60s survivors, found themselves drafted into the script:
· Oliver Stone himself can be seen as a goateed UCLA film professor, while his 6-year-old son, Sean, was cast as the young Jim Morrison.
· Billy Idol, though recovering from a motorcycle accident, threw himself into the role of Morrison’s drinking buddy, Cat.
· John Densmore (the Doors’ drummer), portrayed on-screen by Kevin Dillon, plays the recording engineer who presides over Morrison’s last session.
· Paul Rothchild, who produced most of the Doors’ albums and the film’s music, pops up as a backstage hanger-on.
· Eric Burdon, formerly of the Animals, appears in a scene backstage at the London Fog.
· Bonnie Bramlett, of Delaney and Bonnie, shows up as a tough bartender.
· William Kunstler, one of that decade’s great activist attorneys, defends Morrison in the Miami courtroom scene.
· Bill Graham, the rock promoter, who’s one of the movie’s producers, plays a New Haven promoter.
· Patricia Kennealy, a journalist and girlfriend of Morrison’s, appears as a Wicca Priestess in the occult wedding ceremony.