Who's Who in TV's military experts -- We give you the facts about the talking heads from television

Generals, Colonels, Captains, Admirals — ever since the gulf war began on Jan. 16, the airwaves have been crawling with military experts. It seems the only brass not analyzing the war is Twin Peaks‘ Major Briggs. What makes these experts so… expert? How come networks pay as much as $2,000 per week to hear what they have to say? And who’s likely to win a contract with William Morris? For the answers — and the TV Charisma Quotient (CQ) of each — take a look at the dossiers below, which give the field performances of television’s newest recruits.

Army Maj. James A. Blackwell Jr., Ret. 38, CNN
Education ’74 grad, West Point; Tufts Ph.D.
Combat Duty None
Career Milestones Served 13 years as a divisions operations officer, retiring in ’87 for health reasons. Now works at Washington think tank, Center for Strategic and International Studies.
Other Favorite war movie: The Longest Day. Hobby: hunting.
CQ * * *

Navy Adm. William J. Crowe Jr., Ret. 66, ABC
Education ’46 grad, Annapolis; Princeton Ph.D.
Combat Duty Senior Adviser to South Vietnamese navy, 1971-72
Career Milestones 47 years in uniform. Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1985-89. Now professor at University of Oklahoma, counselor to Center for Strategic and International Sturdies.
Other Military hero: Kemal Atatürk. Favorite war movie All Quiet on the Western Front.
CQ * *

Air Force Gen. Michael J. Dugan, Ret. 54, CBS
Education ’58 grad, West Point
Combat Duty Logged 600 combat flying hours during Vietnam war
Career Milestones Commander of U.S. Air Forces in Europe, 1989-90. Appointed to Joint Chiefs last June and fired 79 days later after revealing secret Desert Shield details.
Other Four kids in Air Force, none currently in gulf. Hobbies: skiing, racquetball, golf.
CQ * *

Army Lt. Gen. William E. Odom, Ret. 58, NBC
Education ’54 grad, West Point
Combat Duty Served 10 years as a line officer in Vietnam, Korean wars
Career Milestones Ex-director, National Security Agency, and ex-member, National Security Council. Now director of national security studies, Hudson Institute.
Other Favorite war movie: The Battle of San Pietro. Favorite general: Stonewall Jackson.
CQ * *

Navy Capt. Gary G. Sick, Ret. 55, NBC
Education ’57 grad, Kansas; Columbia Ph.D.
Combat Duty None
Career Milestones Longtime member, National Security Council. Now teaches political science at Columbia, heads human rights group Middle East Watch.
Other Writes poetry in spare time.
CQ * * * *

Air Force Maj. Gen. Perry M. Smith, Ret. 56, CNN
Education ’56 West Point; Columbia Ph.D.
Combat Duty Flew 180 missions over Laos, North Vietnam
Career Milestones Over 30 years in uniform. Led F-15 fighter wing in Germany, 1977-79. Author, four books. His Georgia firm, Visionary Leadership, trains execs in planning/management.
Other Military hero: George C. Marshall. Favorite war movie: Twelve O’Clock High
CQ * * * *

Army Col. Harry G. Summers Jr. Ret. 58, NBC
Education ’57 grad, Maryland; master’s from CGSC
Combat Duty Infantry veteran of Korean, Vietnam wars; twice wounded
Career Milestones Ex-instructor at Command and General Staff College (CGSC) and at Army War College. Author, three books. Now editor, Vietnam magazine.
Other 35-year-old daughter-in-law is serving in gulf.
CQ * * * *

Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Bernard E. Trainor, Ret. 62, ABC
Education ’51 grad, Holy Cross; master’s from Colorado
Combat Duty Earned seven medals in Korean, Vietnam wars
Career Milestones 39 years in uniform. Ex-deputy to Joint Chiefs. Now adjunct lecturer in public policy, head of National Security Program at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.
Other Favorite general: James Longstreet. Hobbies: cycling, backpacking.
CQ * *