Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't

Burt offering
After reading your cover story on Burt Reynolds (Feb. 8), I felt the need to let you know that not only does this ”Southern-fried good guy” have a hit on his hands now with Evening Shade, but he’s always been a hit with me. Thanks for the article, and thanks to Burt for being Burt!
Regina Wilcox
Oxnard, Calif.

Black Crowes’ Feat
Your story on the Black Crowes (I love them) proved something that I already knew. Rock stars don’t really care about their fans. Sure, they appreciate support, but not in the way a lot of younger people think. They appreciate their wallets. Or, as it were, their parents’ wallets. Do rock stars really care if their fans yell and scream and have fits over them? No. Not if the fans pay $18 to $30 for a ticket to see them in concert. I know some girls and guys who would pay $50 just to see Don Dokken belch on stage. I really enjoy your magazine. Keep it up!
Carrie L. Cummins
Pana, Ill.

Finally! A real rock band with an attitude instead of an image. Thanks for the article on the Black Crowes. The kind of music that came out of the ’70s is sorely missed by this radio listener. As much as people like Madonna and Prince have broadened my background, I miss the days of non-corporate rock. I’m not sure I’m willing to risk the bell-bottoms (gasp), but I otherwise welcome a resurgence of ’70s music and that good old dinosaur rock.
LeAnn Mercer
Des Moines

No Rush
Thank you for bringing Rush Limbaugh to my, as well as to your other readers’, attention. Here is a man who is not only sexist, homophobic, and downright heartless, but also frighteningly unattractive. It is no wonder that this grotesque blob of a man is a radio talk show host rather than a TV host. Once people got a look, they would quickly zap him into oblivion. His comments about everything from the women’s movement to homelessness show his lack of intelligence, understanding, and tolerance. He makes Morton Downey Jr. seem like the Pope.
Rodney Shull
Guerneville, Calif.

Sweet & Sour Notes
My high hat is off to you. Thank you, Jim Farber, for the wonderful review of Boy George’s new album, The Martyr Mantras. As a longtime fan, I think this was the best review of any solo album that Boy has put out. Ever since the ”heroin thing” hit the press, it seems as if the media has had it in for him. So once again, thanks, and keep on with the good work, George.
Frank Ambrose
Sacramento, Calif.

Perhaps your music reviewer, Bill Wyman, should listen to Gloria Estefan’s new album once more. He obviously confused his notes on a Tiffany album with his notes for Gloria’s Into the Light. Gloria’s voice ”colorless”! I don’t think so. I find Into the Light her finest album to date (and all the others are wonderful!). Her millions of fans, including me, will revel in proving wrong Mr. Wyman’s comment that Into the Light is ”bland.” Congratulations, Gloria, on a sensational comeback album.
Lori Schaffner
Gettysburg, Pa.