''King Ralph'' promotional goodies -- Universal's commemorative items for the John Goodman film include coins, stamps, and plates

King Ralph

It’s not exactly Royal Doulton but then Ralph Jones (John Goodman) is not your average monarch. In Universal’s just-released movie King Ralph, Goodman is a Vegas lounge singer and graduate of the Pacific Coast School of Diesel Mechanics and Cosmetology who ascends to England’s throne.

To celebrate his coronation, the studio issued a deluge of promotional commemorative items, among them an engraved invitation that plays ”Rule, Britannia” when opened, a Ralph coin (”In Ralph We Trust”), Ralph stamps, a ”Pimplex Royal Family Guide to Ralph,” and — what else — a genuine plastic Ralph Plate replete with a family crest that includes dancing girls, playing cards, and dice. Two thousand packages containing all of the above were sent to members of the media. Lucky us.

King Ralph
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