March 01, 1991 at 05:00 AM EST

With a number of memorable supporting performances under his belt (Sea of Love, Arachnophobia), actor John Goodman seems poised and ready to steal a little more of the spotlight for himself. King Ralph is the first in what looks to be a string of juicy roles.

Barton Fink Goodman plays Charlie Meadows, an eccentric insurance salesman and low-rent-hotel resident who is continuously intruding upon his frustrated neighbor (John Turturro), a playwright trying to write his first screenplay. The movie is scheduled for a fall release.

The Babe Big John will have no trouble filling out his pinstripes when he stars as the Sultan of Swat, New York Yankees slugger Babe Ruth. Filming begins in May.

The Flintstones As Bedrock’s loudmouthed Fred Flintstone, Goodman will no doubt wrap his jowls around a ”yabbadabbadoo” or two in Steven Spielberg’s live-action take on the Hanna-Barbera cartoon series. Word is Danny DeVito (as Barney Rubble) and Tracey Ullman (as Wilma Flintstone) will costar when shooting begins sometime next year.

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