The 10 Million Dollar Getaway

The 10 Million Dollar Getaway is built around a real-life incident that also figured in the Martin Scorsese movie GoodFellas — the 1978 robbery of $10 million from the Lufthansa Airlines cargo hold at New York’s Kennedy International Airport. The TV movie also tries to mimic much of GoodFellas‘ style, complete with long panning shots of gangsters in their nightclub hangouts, a schmaltzy ’50s-pop musical score, voice-over narration, and the use of a minor GoodFellas actor — Mike Starr — in the exact same role here: the gang member named Frenchie.

Getaway lacks, therefore, precisely the quality that made GoodFellas so good: originality in its depiction of criminal life. The star of Getaway is John Mahoney, so good in movies like Moonstruck and Say Anything…, so bad here as safecracker Jimmy ”The Gent” Burke. It’s not really Mahoney’s fault; there’s not much any actor could do with lines like, ”She was the gorgeous Theresa Ferrara, a tough lady who loved danger, money, and men.”

Getaway is divided into roughly three parts: the introduction of the crew who’ll attempt this robbery (a singularly bland bunch), the robbery itself (nothing you haven’t seen in a thousand big-heist movies and TV shows), and the aftermath of the crime (the criminals are either killed or arrested — no surprises here). The result is a dreadful bore.

The 10 Million Dollar Getaway
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