Precious Metal dumps Trump -- Why the 'Mr. Big Stuff' band cut the mogul from their music video
Credit: Everett Collection

First Ivana. Then the creditors. And now an all-female heavy-metal band in L.A. is lining up against Donald Trump. The band — Precious Metal — has said that the embattled real estate mogul reneged on his agreement to appear in their ”Mr. Big Stuff” video (which has so far aired only once on MTV) because they wouldn’t pay him enough. He calls the charge pure manipulation. ”They’re getting a lot of free publicity on my name,” says the Donald, who ”agreed to do [the favor] for a friend.”

Lead singer Leslie Knauer claims Trump agreed to appear in exchange for a $10,000 donation to the charity of his choice-then, when the video was finished, demanded $250,000, an amount the struggling group’s label, Chameleon Music Group, wouldn’t consider.

”At the shoot he was very sweet,” says Knauer, who in the original video tears up a record contract in Trump’s face. ”After that scene, he said, ‘That’s just what my wife did to me.’ When we were done, he said, ‘This is great! Let’s take this to number one!’ But then I think he wanted to keep the money for himself.” Trump counters that he never agreed to a dollar figure and reserved the right to see the finished product before signing a release — and that when he realized his was a major part, not just a cameo, he demanded what he calls a ”substantial amount.” Precious Metal then edited Trump out and filmed the back of a body double. What’s more, Trump — who, according to the band’s manager, was asked to appear only after Andrew Dice Clay and Danny DeVito turned the band down — now says he hates Precious Metal’s less than mellow sound. ”It’s not good music,” he says. ”(But) if they come up with the money necessary, I’ll reconsider.”

Meantime Knauer is reconsidering just how sweet Trump was at the taping: ”He put his arm around our guitarist and said, ‘Ooh, hard body. No cellulite.’ I guess that’s his way of being complimentary.”