Paul Mazursky's film cameos -- The director's frequent appearances in his own films, including ''Scenes From a Mall''

Having begun his career as an actor and stand-up comedian, writer-director Paul Mazursky can’t seem to shake that performing bug: He has appeared in almost every one of the 13 films he has directed. Though his appearances are brief, some of them have stolen scenes right out from under his stars. In Scenes From a Mall, observant moviegoers can spot the director’s bearded face on a book-store video monitor lauding the work of Bette Midler’s character, Dr. Deborah Feingold-Fifer. Mazursky fans will most likely remember these notable cameos.

Blume In Love (1973)
Mazursky urges lovesick law partner George Segal not only to stop sleeping with his secretary but to fire her as well.

An Unmarried Woman (1978)
During a dim sum blind date between his press agent pal and newly separated Jill Clayburgh, a boorish Mazursky (with Clayburgh) asks the waiter to bring ”that shrimp with the paper and a couple of Bubble Ups.”

Moscow on the Hudson (1984)
In a flashback scene, the director played Dave, a sun-worshipping vacationer in Miami Beach who demands rum and Cokes and extra beach towels from Alejandro Rey.

Down and Out in Beverly Hills (1986)
As Richard Dreyfuss’ overbearing accountant, Sidney Waxman, he introduces a new scheme involving trailer parks.

Moon Over Parador (1988)
When the actress signed to play the part of Richard Dreyfuss’ shopping-addicted Momma didn’t show, Mazursky donned a dress and heels and filled in.