Male chest hair makes a comeback -- Andy Garcia, Nicolas Cage, and others are rebelling against the shaved look

Leading men are exhibiting great pluck these days when it comes to baring hairy chests: Following Hollywood’s brief fascination with competitively-shaved musclemen (like Stallone and Schwarzenegger) in the ’80s, hirsute heroes are sprouting all over the big screen. At the top of this year’s best-chest list are the luxuriantly forested Andy Garcia, who continues the densely woven Corleone family saga in The Godfather Part III; Joe Mantegna, whose stint as the tank-topped neighborhood bad boy in Queens Logic has already tickled the critics’ fancy; and Nicolas Cage, who thumped his pecs in Wild at Heart. Notable veterans of the mat-pack include Alec Baldwin, Sean Connery, and Robin Williams, who are poised to strut their fluff in the upcoming The Marrying Man, The Stand, and The Fisher King, respectively.