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About your Feb. 1 cover story: I’m sure most of the U.S. didn’t think there even was a first TV season, what with the constant shuffling and weekly cancellations of new programs. Why can’t the networks make their own jobs easier and have just one designated new-program season, commit to the shows they’ve chosen, and let viewers get used to a schedule? I guess years of TV history still haven’t proven to programmers that many successful shows started at the bottom of the ratings. Patience truly is a virtue.
Todd Lampe

In reference to your article about television’s second season: I hope every one of Fox’s new shows fizzles. It would serve them right for taking away the only good show the network has ever had: Alien Nation.
Penny Frazier
Corona, Calif.

I was extremely pleased to see your story on Rodney Grant, who did such a great job acting in Dances With Wolves. I would like to see more of him, especially as Officer Jim Chee in any movies that might be based on the Tony Hillerman mysteries. He’d be great. Let’s have more Westerns! And more Rodney Grant!
Jean Warren
Cottonwood, Calif.

Your CNN story, ”Scoop! CNN Covers the Gulf War,” provided essential information on exactly how news becomes news. Objectively, it explained the coverage of ”the most-watched event in TV history,” giving valuable insight into the pressures, decision-making processes, realities, and wackiness of the news business. It was certainly a triumph for Entertainment Weekly. Bravo!
Heather Page
San Francisco

There is no denying that CNN has done a remarkable job in covering the gulf war. They are, after all, a news network. What angers me is the way they have allowed one of their correspondents to be manipulated by Saddam Hussein. Peter Arnett is no heroic journalist for staying in Baghdad; he is a fool. Because of his inability to speak freely, his reports are useless, unacceptable, and humiliating. I turn to Cable News Network for accurate and important information, not propaganda. ABC News’ coverage is looking better and better.
Sharon Ross
Dubuque, Iowa

The worst thing about the gulf war has been the news media’s coverage of it. If the people of the press have impressed anyone with their reporting, it’s only each other. Journalists’ broadcasts from the Middle East have been self- serving and often inaccurate. They have been reporting emotions instead of news. Two big thumbs down.
Ann Smith

You do realize you’ve made the gaffe everyone’s been expecting someone to make ever since Madonna entitled her greatest-hits package The Immaculate Collection? On page 60 of your Feb. 1 issue in your music charts intro, you call it The Immaculate Conception. Boggles the mind, doesn’t it?
Rev. Joseph Bachand
Hartford, Conn.