More of Jive's Greatest Rap Video Hits

The seven music clips collected on More of Jive’s Greatest Rap Video Hits by Jive/RCA Records reflect the diversity of the current rap community. You’ll find the quirky humor of A Tribe Called Quest’s ”I Left My Wallet in El Segundo” next to KRS-One’s reflections on African-American history and racial harmony in ”You Must Learn.” Between the clips, the artists give us a peek at the personalities behind the clever rhymes and funky beats. For instance, in a charmingly unrehearsed interview, Kool Moe Dee coaxes hesitant, laconic answers from the four members of A Tribe Called Quest, who seem strangely shy in front of the camera. Not so for Kool Moe Dee, who introduces his video for ”God Made Me Funke” by explaining that it traces the sometimes hazardous journey to adulthood facing young black males. With his tongue firmly in cheek, he says that the journey ends with ”this great, cool rapper here.” This tape is full of great, cool rappers with something to say — often with a nudge and a wink. A-

More of Jive's Greatest Rap Video Hits
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