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Thank you for the objective article on Sofia Coppola (Jan. 25). As a 23-year- old aspiring actress myself, naturally there were scenes in Godfather III that I would have done differently. But isn’t that what acting is all about? The critics have their knickers in a twist because she is Coppola’s daughter. I think she did a good job in a tough role opposite more experienced actors. I’d love to see the critics get up and act. I’d pay to watch them fall on their behinds!
Julie Di Giulio
San Francisco

Enough already with the brouhaha over Sofia Coppola! If she were not Francis’ daughter, no one would make such a fuss. Her ”15 minutes of infamy” are nothing compared with the overblown press coverage of same!
Michael Pratt
Savannah, Ga.

Was the casting of Sofia Coppola in Godfather III the epic mistake that the critics’ bleating and blathering would lead a moviegoer to believe? Not for a moment. My wife and I found her performance totally charming and convincing. Her teenage awkwardness only made her sexual awakening more believable. Her less-than-perfect looks only made her part seem more real; she looked like she could have been Pacino’s daughter. Come on, give the kid a break.
George Reiter
Mt. Prospect, Ill.

It sickens me to read all the nasty comments from the critics about Sofia Coppola. If anything, she should be praised for stepping into a role she hadn’t even been prepared to play. It sounds to me like the critics are jealous because it was her daddy who gave her the role. Why shouldn’t he, anyway? Sofia, keep your head up!
Denise Wood
Bogata, Texas

About your music section essay ”The Death of Rock?”: I would like to know who died and left Dave Marsh in charge of deciding what rock & roll is. Does it make him feel better to put down bands like Warrant, Cinderella, and Faith No More? I think calling Jon Bon Jovi ”a bonehead shill” was totally unwarranted. It offends me personally, as I’m sure it does millions of Bon Jovi fans, because it implies we are also boneheads, who only enjoy ”pure cliché.” I’ve always thought that the Beatles’ songs were full of dumb clichés and that Bob Dylan can’t sing worth squat.
Elizabeth Scholzen
Alexandria, Va.

I’m sorry, but ”The Death of Rock?” — what a crock! Rock will be around as long as anyone is left to pack in a crowd, get up on stage, and jam to their hearts’ content on anything that isn’t country or classical. Musical derivatives are part of the genre’s heritage, and I know rock is gonna last at least as long as I am!
Arwen E. Shoemaker
Sedona, Ariz.

What does Dave Marsh consider rock & roll? His definition must be quite narrow-minded. There has to be more to it than Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. No one will ever make me believe that those of us in this ”new” generation must look into the past for our musical heroes. Talents like Mike Patton (lead singer of Faith No More), Chris Robinson (lead singer of the Black Crowes), and Jon Bon Jovi are all the heroes that we need.
Christina Llata
San Pedro, Calif.