Letter from the editor -- EW's managing editor and publisher talk about our first year

On this page, in what we promise will be a rare and brief departure from tradition, we’re diverting our spotlight from show business’ most notable people, entertainments, and events and turning it on ourselves — the editorial and business staffs whose pleasure and challenge it has been to bring you ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY for the last year. The issue you’re holding marks our first anniversary — a watershed for a young magazine in a highly competitive marketplace. When money is tight, time becomes more valuable than ever, and we know that our readers place an extraordinarily high value on the hours they can set aside for entertainment and leisure — in fact, this magazine exists to help them make those choices. Since we published our first issue last February, we’ve heard your criticisms and compliments and developed ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY into a magazine that we feel is both opinionated and fair, brimming with information yet easy to use-and a lot of fun to read. Circulation has been growing rapidly and recently passed 600,000. Our support from the advertising community has been gratifying, and so have some recent comments from our hard-to-please journalistic colleagues; recent reviews have called us “a real delight” (USA Today), “a lively, irreverent, and outspoken guide to the popular arts” (The Washington Post), and “more fun than the Simpsons” (Los Angeles Times). As a magazine that takes particular pride in the range and thoughtfulness of its reviews, it’s been a pleasure to be on the receiving end of some good ones.

Our first birthday comes at a time when crisis and conflict have reached into many lives and temporarily pushed lighter concerns to the side. That makes our responsibility all the greater. In 1991, as world events cast a giant shadow over all of us, we believe that the role of popular culture in our society, from breezy escapism to art that provokes and challenges, is more essential than ever. In the coming year, we plan to extend and deepen our coverage of movies, television, music, books, video, and children’s entertainment. If you’ve been with us so far, you have our most heartfelt thanks, and if you’re picking us up for the first time, take a look at the following pages. We think you’ll like what you see.

James W. Seymore Jr., Managing Editor
Michael J. Klingensmith, Publisher